Three is a charm

...and HOFF is back in Haapsalu with its roots deep in the ground. The beast is a year older, bigger, stronger and more thrilling than ever before. Despite all odds the festival has managed to outgrow from its baby shoes proving that it is possible to organize internationally recognizable genre festival with quality programming, top guests and a fabulous audience in a small town in Western Estonia.

Sounds a bit mawkish, but its true. The focus on fantasy rich Spanish horror, retrospective and visit of director-producer legend Brian Yuzna (straight from the set in Indonesia), jubilee screening of Estonian-Polish cult classic "Navigator Pirx", extreme horror with a social touch and last year's best from trash to horror - its only a fraction of the pleasures that HOFF brings to its viewers this time.

We hope that during HOFF Haapsalu will be overwhelmed by special atmosphere, hence the festival presents a few treats in the city space - we'll let you to discover these yourself. Anyway, excitement is guaranteed!

We thank Haapsalu City and Haapsalu Film studio, the Embassies and other sponsors, and the audience - without you there would not be a moon that the skeleton of the Cinema wolf could howl at.

Have a Horrific HOFF!

Sten Saluveer
Head of Festival



Norway 2006
In a society where everyone has the ability to fly, the citizens anchor themselves to the ground via „gravitation boots“. One day, however, a man decides he has had enough attempt to challenge the status quo... Vaata lähemalt..
  • Screening: 29. March 01:00